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Wall definition and characteristics

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Definition of curtain wall
Exterior wall of the building guards , do not load-bearing , hang like a curtain , like , the composition of the panel and the supporting structure can be displaced relative to the main structure has a certain ability or their ability to have a certain deformation , do not assume the role of the main structure suffered construction, perimeter wall .
Curtain wall features
1 , attractive appearance , good decorative effect
Wall to break the traditional architectural style mode , windows and walls in shape is no clear boundary , thus enriching the architectural style .
2 , light weight , good seismic performance
General quality curtain wall materials per square meter at 30 to 100 kg , usually concrete wall about 1/ 3 to 1/ 5 , greatly reducing the envelope weight ; using metal structures, improve seismic performance.
3 , installation is simple, short duration
Curtain wall components are mostly made ​​in the plant , thus reducing on-site installation process .
4 , easy maintenance
Curtain wall components and more from a combination of unit members , local damage can be easily repaired or replaced , thus extending the life of the curtain wall .
However, the walls higher cost of materials and construction technology requirements, and some wall materials such as glass , metal, etc. , there is a reflected light of light pollution on the environment , but also easily damaged surfaces fall hurt more.
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