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Classification of walls

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Building walls to today, its wide range of products , sub- law varies, country, industry has not been a systematic comprehensive classification , generally used in accordance with wall finish materials classification ( glass curtain wall, metal curtain wall, stone walls , etc. ) .
A glass curtain wall
1.1 walls constructed and installed according to construction methods can be divided into :
① glass curtain wall components
② unit glass curtain wall
③ full glass curtain wall
④ point-supported glass curtain wall
1.2 Press the appearance form , often divided into :
① exposed frame glass curtain wall
② hidden frame glass curtain wall
③ semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall
④ mixing glass curtain wall
Second, metal curtain
Metal wall surface decoration materials is the use of some of the lightweight metal , such as aluminum, stainless steel , etc., from the processing of a variety of pressure- plate . These sheets after surface treatment , as building exterior decorative surface layer, is not only beautiful novel , good decorative effect , and light weight, solid connection , the durability is also good.
Metal curtain classified as follows:
2.1 aluminum composite panel curtain wall
2.2 aluminum veneer curtain wall
2.3 aluminum honeycomb panel curtain wall
2.4 Stainless steel curtain wall
2.5 titanium plate curtain wall
2.6 stainless steel composite panel curtain wall
2.7 Steel Curtain
Third, the stone walls
Stone walls is the use of natural or man-made marble and granite exterior finishes. This class finishes with a luxurious , elegant , elegant decorative effect, embellishment and landscaping . This class finishes construction is simple , safe operation, connect solid and reliable, durable, good weather resistance .
Stone walls Category:
4.1 steel pin-type stone walls
4.2 Short trough stone walls
4.3 pass trough stone walls
4.4 back bolt stone curtain wall
Short pass trough trough stone walls stone walls node node
Back bolt stone curtain -style stone wall steel pin node node
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