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Classification of stone walls

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Stone wall is an independent building envelope systems, according to the construction method is divided into wet linked ( using the stone mortar and wall adhesion ) and hanging method , the most widely used in today's construction is hanging stone curtain wall, which is using metal pendant hanging on the stone panels connected with the main structure of the metal skeleton .

Stone Curtain Wall Category:
According to the installation into the form of hanging stone hook type ( Bracket style ) and the back bolt two categories.
First, the hook-type ( Bracket style )
Hook-style pendant hanging stone is the use of stainless steel ( or aluminum alloy pendant ) into the open a good stone edge groove with epoxy glue or hanging drying adhesive bonding in the tank , bolted to the metal frame installed on . ( Short trough , through the trough , pin type )
A short slot : short trough hanging method is generally T-shaped pendant or using butterfly pendant ( Material stainless steel or aluminum ) , should be in every stone on the bottom of the opening two short flat groove , short flat slot length not less than 100mm, the effective length of the inner groove depth should not be less than 15mm; grooving width appropriate for the 6mm-8mm; pendant thickness greater than 3mm.
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