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What wall material? Choose which material is good? ? ?

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First, the wall is doing it ? Exterior wall of the building guards , do not load-bearing , hang like a curtain , like , it is also known as hanging wall, is commonly used in modern large-scale and high-rise building with a decorative effect of the light wall . By the structural frame and mosaic panels composed of structural loads and does not assume the role of the main building envelope .
Diverse types of curtain wall market very much, author Here's based on years of experience in the industry can be divided into the following four major categories
The first wall : Metal wall
Metal curtain - Universal wall
Metal wall in the dominant position . So far, the metal walls of the aluminum curtain wall has been dominated by metal walls , lightweight materials , reducing the load of the building , high-rise building offers a good selection criteria ; waterproof, stain resistant, anti- corrosion and good the outer surface of the building to ensure lasting Changxin ; processing, transportation , installation and construction are relatively easy to implement, its widely used to provide strong support ; diversity of colors and can be processed into different combinations of appearance and shape , expanding the architect design space ; higher performance and low cost , easy maintenance , long service life , in line with requirements of the owners . Therefore, aluminum curtain wall as a high-impact architectural forms, the acclaimed
The second category curtain wall : Glass curtain wall
Glass curtain wall - Universal wall
Contemporary glass curtain wall is a new wall , it gives the building is the biggest characteristic architectural aesthetics , architectural features , building energy efficiency and building structure and other factors unify the building from different angles showing a different color, with the sun , moonlight , lighting gives a dynamic change in the United States . Major cities on all continents of the world were built magnificent ornate glass curtain wall buildings, such as the New York World Trade Center , Petroleum Building Chicago , Sears Tower have adopted the glass curtain wall . Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong , Beijing and Shanghai Friendship Building Great Wall Sheraton Hotel have also adopted .
The third category Curtain : Clay plate with ceramic plate curtain wall
Clay plate with ceramic plate wall - Universal wall
    Clay plate with ceramic plate curtain wall façade belongs member , usually by cross feed or horizontal, vertical feed plus terracotta panel components. In addition to conventional glass , stone, aluminum curtain wall has the basic characteristics, the characteristics of the clay , advanced processing technology and scientific means of control, which in appearance, performance has unique advantages. Made of natural clay with quartz sand , after extrusion molding, high temperature calcination , high temperature, strong anti- frost and no radioactivity ; durability, light weight, easy and glass, with the use of metal ; colors are natural clay color, color natural , bright , uniform, non-fading , durable , giving walls a lasting vitality ; brick can freely cut as needed without affecting the appearance , technical performance and stability , strong impact ; ceramic plate curtain wall design, reasonable structure , simple, able to meet the maximum income side walls , shut local design needs, easy to be installed , whether it is flat , corner , or other parts of the curtain wall facades can maintain a coherent, natural, beautiful ; due ceramic plate and light weight ceramic plate curtain wall support structure requirements stone walls are more than simple , lightweight , saving the cost of supporting walls .
The fourth category walls : stone walls
Stone walls - Universal wall
    1 , natural materials , bright crystal clear , hard, permanent , elegant.
    2 , freezing tolerance : Stone in humid conditions , resistance to freezing and thawing of the spoilers without a significant , this performance is called freezing tolerance . Pore ​​water in the low temperature to minus 20 ° C , the occurrence of freezing of water within the pore expansion bulky than the original 1 /10 can not resist such expansion of the rock if the power occurred , there will be damage phenomena . If the water absorption of less than 0.5% of the general , do not consider their frost resistance .
    3 Compressive strength : Compressive strength of stone due to minerals , crystal thickness, uniformity of cementing material , load size , load acting cleaved so that the angle and other factors vary . If other conditions are the same , usually small crystalline particles bonded to each other along the dense material with high strength . Dense volcanic rock in dry and saturated water , the compressive strength did not differ ( low water absorption ) , if they are afraid of the water in the porous and cemented rocks, the strength of its dry and damp , there are significant differences.
Generally important building stone walls will adopt this type of design, such as Sheikh Abu Dhabi Mosque, Canton Westin Hotel, Shanghai Jet villas, Beijing Longhu Rhythm and original, Harbin Pharmaceutical Liu Chang office , Dongguan First International and so on 
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