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Global expansion of wall reflections last two days

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Universal wall Outward Bound staff
    The expansion of the two-day itinerary of intense but orderly , so I feel very full, expanding on the first day , the coach told us to expand the sources and expanding role. Strong team cohesion makes me looking forward to this expansion .
    First of all, is that water projects to meet us at the end of summer , hold a water sports really a timely ah , for those of us who often do not participate in sports for people who test our water projects, especially physical , barrels fly on this project gave me the most profound impression , because the game near noon, the strength has been depleted to a back in a bucket flying sport , general physical are consumed in a one go , one back to the time it has become apparent lack of physical strength , struggling to walk back we stumbled . Some people fell into the water because of imbalances , some people kneeling on the barrel , lying in a barrel , long time can not go forward . But we finally persevered. Could be heard cheering shore partners , so even crawling on all fours , but also come to an end . People very moved.
Global curtain employees expand photo photo
    After lunch take a break, we had other projects , so I was impressed by the " sea dragon " This project is to make 10 people 's feet tied together , and then with the left or right, this project it is a team of people working together , the rhythm goes wrong anyone , are likely to result in failure last , so in practice , when we want a lot of ways , through the coach's reminder, discovered the trick of this project , it is open one's feet when around two people's feet must be closed for . In the training , we all fit well, think we should be able to win this game , but the game halfway through , a teammate suddenly fell , led us to progress significantly behind the other two teams . But that did not dishearten us , but also did not blame the man , but the race to the end, because we know that this project is to rely on our strengths to complete, the fault attributed solely to a person is unscientific. In fact, this is much like a company or a group, one person out of the error can not be attributed to a person , because we have a responsibility.
    This expansion is really meaningful , so I learned a lot , not only let me get the body to relax , but mentally been enriched . I hope the company after a lot of organizing these activities .
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