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Dongguan institute of technology, global stone material base for study

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On May 23, dongguan institute of technology and global stone group co., LTD. Establish off-campus practice base agreement and ceremony, held the practice base of dongguan institute of technology (MIT) Zou Xiaoping vice President and dean Fan Hongbo the central institute, Dr Cheng Zhi yu and standing vice President, global stone group co., LTD Xiong Shiwei nest to keep the technical director, director of the research and development center Xu Zhongbao, Dong Dawei attended the signing and opening ceremony. The two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement, dongguan institute of science teachers encouraged to actively for the enterprise to solve technical problems, at the same time in the staff professional knowledge training, etc., give full play to the talent advantage, strengthen the manufacture-learning-research cooperation, achieve win-win result.

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