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Job:The project manager Hiring:44
Degree required: College graduate or above Gender requirements: There is no limit
Position salary: 8000~9999 8000 ~ 9999 yuan/month Working location: Beijing
Job nature: full-time Work experience: More than 5 years
Job description:
1, responsible for the decoration project planning, organize the implementation of such as comprehensive management;
2, responsible for implement according to the requirement of the project site construction management, to ensure the engineering quality, construction progress and construction safety, cost, comply with the requirements and specifications;
3, reasonable organization to carry out the people, goods, content and so on various factors of production, construction of various affairs;
4, coordination and management, the relationship between the design, the construction unit;
5, debt collection, engineering settlement, engineering, after-sales service.
Job requirements:
1, college degree or above, civil engineering, project management, and other related professional, secondary above registered construction engineer qualification is a plus;
2, 5 years working experience in curtain wall site construction management;
3, familiar with curtain wall, decoration class special technical engineering solutions.
Contacts:Miss nie
Contact:010-56429872 010-56429872