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  Shandong universal curtain wall engineering co., LTDIs set product development, engineering design, careful manufacture, installation, consulting services in the integration of stone curtain wall system solution provider.Company is located in the granite production base - shandong laizhou, companies with global stone group of several major processing base (dongguan, head, shandong, the north and tianjin) and mines (chengde) as the backing, form a pattern of radiation and the service of the nation's market.

  The company take "the good faith, to create value for customers" as the core business philosophy, adhere to the professional development strategy, relying on advanced technology, first-class quality, meticulous service of competitive advantage, deep stone curtain wall market and successively by the intime center, luster, Harbin pharmaceutical, jet li jia Ming center, the upcoming building, villa, longhu · h and the original project.


  Company processing base is located in laizhou city of shandong province, and put into production in 2005, covers an area of 300 mu, is currently the largest and the most advanced technology in northern China, one of the most influential stone processing enterprises.

  The company has all kinds of advanced stone processing equipment, built more domestic scale of decorative stone production line;With computer processing center, computer water knife cutting machine, surface grinder, CNC automatic polishing machine and automatic immersion antifouling production line of independent research and development is currently the world's most advanced processing equipment, the main production equipment are imported from Italy, Germany, Japan and other countries, can be all kinds of stone products required for the production of curtain wall engineering, form a complete product structure.